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As we come to the end of a very challenging period and a year that none of us ever want to see again, we can now take a look forward with some optimism for our businesses in the landscape before us.


To assist, we thought it would be valuable to our clients to layout in “plain speak” what the finance and business landscape looks like going forward with all 3 levels of Government looking to increased private enterprise activity and expansion to kick start economic growth.


Although the past 12 months have seen very different experiences for companies depending upon their industry, it is extremely heartening to see a monumental jump in local tourism based activity Australia wide. As serial optimists, we can see substantially improving circumstances for so many industries including those who have remained buoyant through the last 12 months due to infrastructural or civil based activity.


In the paragraphs below we will look to address 2 key factors:-


Why we think we will see a significant bounce back.


What needs to be done to take advantage of these very significant opportunities.




The combination of the improving employment numbers, the significant government project spend and tax incentives as well as the desire of Australians to emerge from the COVID hibernation, bodes well for 2021 & beyond. In simple terms:-


  • All 3 levels of Government are FAST TRACKING significant infrastructural spend.


  • The massive government incentive programs that were announced in the October 6 Budget and summarised in the following link providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for private enterprise to seize the day, expand their businesses under the umbrella of very significant cashflow support provided by the government over the next 18 months and beyond.


  • On top of significant uplifts in employment participation rates, a large portion of the overall community who have substantially increased their available cash through minimal spending during the lock down restrictions, have commenced spending their dollars locally in a broad spectrum of areas from recreational assets to home improvements and Australian based holidays.





In order for businesses to maximise their opportunities in 2021 and beyond, it will be an advantage to have a clear understanding of the present Finance landscape (in our area this means Equipment Finance)


What do we know?


  1. Interest rates are at an all-time low where the majority of Equipment and Vehicles are being financed through low cost Tier 1 lenders.


  1. The COVID effect is becoming more of a “historical fact” than the “here and now” and as a result, main stream financiers are now looking at the “present and future landscape” for clients when looking to approve finance.


  1. The current finance market is populated with 3 tiers of financiers with tier 1 lenders offering the lowest rates, however due to increased activity are presently slow on processing, whereas 2 nd and 3 rd tier lenders are much faster on delivery, however at higher interest rates.


So what should businesses do?


  • Plan ahead – seek finance approvals early to avoid the issue with tier 1 lender delays.


  • Ask for more than you initially need as an “upper limit” as finance approvals do not incur a cost and do not need to be used, so seek more than you initially need.


  • Have existing finance approvals in place now to allow your businesses to act quickly if an opportunity arises


  • Be willing to provide additional and current financial information (if required) as this will often result in a quicker deliver of approval and a more competitive finance offer.


  • Work with a professional who specialises in Equipment Finance as they have the experience to negotiate the right outcome and have access to the broadest lending market.

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